About Us

About us

mindset change for sustainable livelihoods

Livelihood Creators Hub (LCH) is a Social Enterprise that was born out of the need to contribute to mindset change for sustainable livelihoods. LCH has a focus on working with diverse groups of people to help them change their mindsets and find their life purpose.

Livelihood Creators Hub (LCH) proposes to bridge this skill, access and knowledge gap for vulnerable groups of people especially those residing in high density areas and villages. 



skill development

Creating Income

changing Mindsets

our main goal!

To become the leading facilitator of transformational holistic human development interventions for youths and women from vulnerable households and communities in Zambia and beyond.


  1. To contribute to the holistic empowerment of vulnerable groups of youths and women
  2. To contribute to skills development for vulnerable youths and women
  3. To deliver practitioner led transformational entrepreneurship and leadership trainings for various organizations and individuals
  4. To offer Business Advisory Services (BDS) for varied clients
  5. To deliver sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for corporates
  6. To deliver incubation services and bulking services for startups in high density areas


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